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I Chanced to Glance at the Calendar.

Bloody hell.

Bloody hell.

Shaun has been thirty-four for a week. Of course, thanks to the blessed apothecary I wasn't capable of much thinking last Thursday, but that's no excuse. Certainly no excuse for an entire week (and two days) of forgetting. He didn't say a word about it, and presumably planned to let it go until I realised on my own.

I expect I'm the only one who might have remembered, if anyone had. It's not as if he has any family close enough. Jonny of course couldn't be expected to recall, even if he hadn't been making himself scarce of late. There's only me to remember, and I bloody well forgot--even after promising to take him to Brighton, even after bringing it up again Tuesday. I don't dare bring it up now, even to wish him well, for it will certainly be too little, too late.

On the other hand...perhaps I could surprise him, to make up for it? Not right away, of course. Now that the trip has fallen through I am not entirely sure what to surprise him with. The idea does have its charm, though; I certainly expect it will keep my mind occupied for a time until I am more properly recovered, as losing at chess and reading are failing quite spectacularly to entertain.

It will require planning, and doubtless some assistance as I'm not even supposed to be out of bed yet, much less leaving the house. I think, so long as he is capable of keeping a secret (though that is hardly a certainty), I may enlist Jonny's aid. It seems an occasion where his enthusiasm actually comes in handy, and he does seem to enjoy giving gifts if the valet's roses and the, ah, fruits were any indication.

With luck I shall not be made to regret asking. Though I suppose if the boy infuriates me too terribly, I can always plead exhaustion from my age and wound to get rid of him quickly.

I shall just go and see if he's in, before Shaun gets back.
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