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Tobias Galathil

ooc: this takes place the day after this post

Galathil: *I step out of the carriage as my driver opens the door, smirking slightly in anticipation. I haven't yet given much thought to how I'm going to get in my jab about getting sentimental yet, but I'm sure it will come up. I'm let in and wait somewhat impatiently to be announced*

Bean: *I'm in my study, waiting impatiently for Craig to show Tobias in, having already been informed of his arrival. Finally Craig shows Tobias in and I greet him with a smile, casting an irate scowl over his shoulder at my valet* Lovely to see you, Tobias.

Galathil: *I return the smile, quirking an eyebrow to glance back at Craig with amusement when you scowl at him* A pleasure as always. You're well as usual, I hope?

Bean: I'm am doing quite well. And yourself? I trust the week has been kind to you?

Galathil: Oh, yes. Unpleasant weather of course, but what can one do? *cocking my head a little* And what have you been up to since I saw you last? Charmed that artist into your employ yet?

Bean: Mhm...the weather has been most unpleasing. *I smirk, quite pleased with you bringing up Viggo for me* My artist...*my smirk grows* he's really quite proud. Finally came to his senses on Monday.

Galathil: *I laugh softly* Oh, so you -have- got him. From the way you told it I thought it would take far longer. ...Proud, though, mm? You always did like to make things difficult for yourself. When do I get to meet him?

Bean: Oh, I've had him...and he's quite lovely...still has fight in him though, I will assure you of that. Not so much difficult as a challenge. Where is the fun when they simply lay down and spread their legs for you, my friend? As for meeting him, he is coming to the masquarade with me.

Galathil: *I snicker* Oh yes? What will you dress him up as? I should like to see what sort of disguise you can impose on a proud artist. *thoughtfully* under a week you've got him down to being on your arm in public? Doesn't sound like as much of a challenge as you'd like to imply, Shaun.

Bean: *I smirk* If you think that, Tobias, perhaps I should bring him in to show you the bruise upon his face from my...activities, last evening. And no, I did not beat him into submission, you know I would never do that to a person.

Galathil: *I raise my eyebrows, with a smile* Of course not. Not nearly subtle enough for you. It is a pity, though, to mar a pretty complexion....but I shall take your word if you say it was necessary. I still wonder how you will fit him out for the masquerade, but I suppose I can see when I meet him.

Bean: *I smirk* Even after he was in my bed of his own accord he refused to sumbit. I cannot tolerate insubordination in my own home. You shall see at the masquarade, the same as everyone else, Tobias.

Galathil: Yes, I suppose I shall. *I glance idly at the clock* Are we dining this afternoon? *Then, quite casually* I rather thought you enjoyed a bit of insubordination, Shaun.

Bean: Yes...*As I speak craig enters with a covered tray containing our luncheon and sets it on the coffee table in front of us before exiting the room again* And what, pray tell makes you think that?

Galathil: *I glance pointedly after Craig* Was I mistaken, then?

Bean: He was reprimanded earlier in the week. I had simply put off punishing him longer than was proper.

Galathil: *Smiling serenely* Ah. Yes. Ma faute. [French: my mistake] *I rearrange things a bit with my fork calmly* Of course, I was understandably confused about the delay in reprimand. Valets are not exactly difficult to come by. But certainly it has been amended now. You had much on your mind, no doubt.

Bean: *I give you a pained look* Must you use that heathen tongue in my presence...and in my own home nonetheless? Craig is...good, at his job. Mouthy, yes, but for the most part, he does what I ask, when I ask. It is only recently that he has become a problem.

Galathil: Only recently? *I let the question stand just long enough to imply disagreement, though my words are perfectly in accord* Oh. Well, so long as it is remedied now, I presume your staff is perfectly well-behaved. And it does save you the trouble, I suppose, of looking for a valet who does what you ask. *This last sentence said with cheerfully open sarcasm, fully intending to remind that that is the entire -point- of a servant*

Bean: Only recently has it become a problem. And it is. *I give you a sharp look as I take a bite, chewing slowly as I consider your words* Finding a good valet is not so easy as you would make it appear. Are you perhaps implying that I am slipping? *I arch an eyebrow, rather amused at your roundabout way of implying that*

Galathil: You, my friend? But you are obviously not. After all, what of your new artist? I was merely proving to myself the impossibility of a ridiculous notion that had occurred to me earlier.

Bean: Ah...I see...*I lean foward, steepling my fingers as I do so* And what might that notion be?

Galathil: *I swallow a bite of food quite casually* Well, of course I knew you of all people couldn't be getting sentimental. Still, for the briefest of moments it appeared you were growing fond of your valet. The thought quite alarmed me, as you might well imagine, but now I have satisfied myself that it is not so, and I shall no longer be plagued with such ludicrous ideas.

Bean: *I nearly choke on the bite I've just taken* -Fond? Fond?- Dear God, Tobias...I do think you have finally lost your sanity.

Galathil: *I cannot help but laugh at your reaction* Quite sorry, I didn't mean to endanger your health with my mad ideas. Do try not to have something in your mouth when I bring them up? I told you I was growing old, you must allow me my flights of fancy.... *With an apologetic shrug* Of course, you must allow that the symptoms did suggest it. It is only knowing you as well as I do that should have kept such a thought at bay.

Bean: *I force back a scowl, not willing to let you see just how upset this revelation has made me* Yes, you have always been prone to flights of fancy when it has suited you. I am sure this is simply another case of that. For me to growd...fond...*I say the word with great distaste* of a such as Craig, is simply unthinkable.

Galathil: *I smile obligingly* Yes, well. I may be daft, but I do it with style! *There is no outward hint that what I've said bothers you,but I'm not disappointed; I think I have a fairly good idea of how much it will chafe you, otherwise I wouldn't have said it*

Bean: *I bristle inwardly, your words bothering me far more than I care to admit. There is simply no way I have grown...fond...of a servant. And Craig none-the-less* certainly do...

Galathil: Well, at any rate, money can afford madness, can't we? *I continue eating, hiding my amusement as well as you hide your irritation* So if I do not get to see your artist until Monday, what of his art? I am interested to see what skill caught your eye in the first place.

Bean: Sadly I cannot show you any of his art. He refuses to let anyone see his pieces until they are finished, and those he does have done are in his apartment. *I frown slightly* He refuses to rid himself of the place, much to my furstration.

Galathil: *This makes me laugh* You said yourself he was proud, my friend. I was quite surprised you had him on your estate so quickly; you've got to make some concessions to his notions of self-sufficience, I should think.

Bean: You are quiet right, I am afraid. I do dislike him having a place off my estate where he lives though. It does not lend itself to the notion of trust.

Galathil: I am sure you will persuade him in time. In fact, I have little doubt of it. I've watched you work. *I grin, remembering with some amusement a few of your earlier conquests; they never expect to be broken, and they never fail to break.*

Bean: *I can't help a smirk at your comment. So true. I haven't yet failed in any of my desired conquests* Yes, he will break, but not without a fight. A fight which I will enjoy absolutely.

Galathil: Oh, I'm certain you will. Still, I wonder, will you keep him on once he's been worn down? It would be such a pity to lose your personal artist, but then, you never keep them around, do you?

Bean: *I chuckle* Ah, but where is the fun when they do exactly as you say? That is what rentboys are for. Besides, he is but one artist. There are many more that I have yet to sample.

Galathil: *I laugh* And when each corridor of your manor is decorated with pieces of an entirely different style, I alone shall know why. Of course, I do not expect every artist in London will be as much of a challenge as this one, so you may occasionally not get through an entire corridor before moving on.

Bean: *I laugh at your comments* Indeed my friend. I may even get through two corridors with this one, I think. He stubbornly thinks he still has some measure of control over his life.

Galathil: It shall certainly be interesting to watch. You must keep me updated with all the fascinating details.

Bean: Hm...I intend to. Just last night, after luring him into my rooms, things were going along so well. Mind you, it didn't stay that way, tried to take control back from me...*I shake my head almost sadly*

Galathil: *My eyebrows lift in interest* Oh -really-? He does sound like fun. I hope you divested the poor man of his illusions?

Bean: To an extent. I don't want to drive him away. I certainly did not let him leave. He had more than his share of chances to say no.

Galathil: True, true. All about balance, isn't it? *I finish my meal, sitting back a little* Well, I'm growing more and more impatient to meet him. I would rather like to see what the fuss is about.

Bean: Balence is everything. But you would know about that. The masque, my friend, the masque. And I assure you, you will indeed see the fuss.

Galathil: Ah, well. I expect it shall be a delightful time...I'm looking forward to it, anyway. I myself haven't decided what to wear....

Bean: Not yet? Really? I would have thought you'd have everything planned out by now. Are you taking anyone with you?

Galathil: *Smug smile* Yes, well, I had hoped to coordinate. And of course I am....certainly you didn't expect me to go alone?

Bean: *Smug smile* Well...*arches an eyebrow* So who -are- you taking then?

Galathil: Oh, I am sure you shall see at the masque. Not to your taste, perhaps, but very much to mine. *I grin* Doubly so.

Bean: Doubly? I see, it shall be most interesting then. Are you sure you can handle two, still?

Galathil: *I protest, though still smiling* I do not age -that- quickly! *Clicking my tongue in mock disapproval* You would paint me one foot in the grave, the way you talk.

Bean: *Laughing* Not at all, my friend. I was just thinking that maybe you would be looking to settle down finally...marry yourself off...

Galathil: *I point accusingly* You! You really must think I'm slipping. Marry myself off indeed. *With a grin* Perhaps when the looks go, but lord knows that won't be for awhile....

Bean: *I grinning widely now* I would never think that, Tobias. I hardly see your looks ever going in truth. You've no worries about your hair certainly, and your father maintained his to his deathbed.

Galathil: *I laugh* Well that, at least, is true. If I should be half so lucky. At the very least I can wait until marriage sounds like a good idea; I'll know I'm slowing down when I find myself actually considering it. And what about you? Who, pray tell, will carry on the Bean name? I don't see a Lady Bean bearing your heir, do I.

Bean: *I snort delicately* I have never fancied women, and doubt I ever shall. They are far too delicate, far too easy to break.

Galathil: A matter of opinion. One does find quite a different face in the bedroom than in the parlour....but I shan't debate it with you, or my quarry shall be halved! *I smile, as you and I both no there would be no convincing you on that particular matter* Alas, we are not given immortal all your fortune going to the state when you pass on? Such a waste, Shaun.

Bean: Quite true. And immortal life would be most intreaguing. I assure you, my fortune will not be going to the state.

Galathil: No? What on earth -are- you going to do with it?

Bean: *I arch an eyebrow* Should you ever have a son, I suppose they would be the most logical heir for my fortune. As that doesn't seem to be a chance though, I do not know.

Galathil: *I shrug* I may yet. In the meantime, perhaps you'd better look into charitable donations? If you're not going to have your name on generations of ancestors, you may as well have it on some sort of organization, I expect.

Bean: *I chuckle* A grand idea. One that I shall be forced to persue I think.

Galathil: Allow me to wish you luck. I've got to be going, really, but I can't wait to meet your artist. Monday evening, my friend?

Bean: *I smile, and stand, wanting to see you to the door* Monday.

Galathil: *With a grin as we reach the door* Do try not to bruise him more before then...I believe the idea is for them still to look pretty once everyone demasks.

Bean: *Chuckling* I do not see him letting me anywhere near him for a while yet. He nearly fled my room last night when I gave him leave to. *I pull you in for a quick hug*

Galathil: *I laugh and return it* Well, until the masquerade then. *Out the door and into my carriage*

Bean: *I grin as I watch you leave, wondering just what you have up your sleeve for the masquarade.*
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