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Slipping Indeed.

Oh, I suppose I ought not to still be brooding about it. Certainly Shaun has always known just how to get under my skin. It's a remarkable talent of his. And so long as that was the whole of it, his constant bid to irk me as usual, I can quite cheerfully go about my business. He and I have not been friends for so long because we are easily offended by the silly barbs that pass between us.

Of course, there is another possibility, one that I find completely unacceptable. Shaun has also been known to be perfectly frank without warning, and it is entirely plausible that he does believe I'm slipping.

I am most assuredly not, but it does irritate me so.

Then again, I know for a fact that he cannot even keep his servants in hand. I must wonder if he himself is getting sentimental; I cannot imagine why else he keeps that cheeky valet of his. There are, as far as I can tell, no services rendered beyond that of an actual valet, and even Shaun is not so patient to have been breaking him all this time. Besides the fact that he shows no signs of being anything less than insolent and insubordinate.

I begin to have a suspicion the old fool has grown fond of him. I shall have to subtly bring it up when he comes to lunch next week; I'm certain the implication will gall him to no end, particularly if I guess aright.
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