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A Letter

A letter to Miss Wood, sealed but bearing no signet--the carrier is instructed to deliver it into no hands but her own, though once she has read it--hopefully she is able to read--there is no telling whether she will show her brother or his lover. A gamble, then, and I hope I shall not be facing gunpoint again before day's end...

Miss Wood,

I hope this missive finds you in good health. Your predicament was kindly brought to my attention when your brother visited me some weeks ago, and I do hope it causes no undue complications. If I may, I would offer a solution regarding this delicate matter that I believe would be advantageous to us both.

I understand you are enjoying the generosity of Lord Urban at present. I recommend, however, that you look to the future, for the child's sake. I wish to extend the same courtesy as has Lord Urban, though I assure you I offer compensations which will make the situation more beneficial for the child.

In the event that it is male, he will be fully acknowledged as my firstborn son and therefore full heir to my title and fortunes. To a daughter, likewise, I could give an impressive dowry and inheritance. A child of mine would, of course, be brought up with the best education and circle of acquaintance England has to offer.

Perhaps more importantly, should you wish for the child to be accepted into any society aside from that of the destitute and classless, I can remove the stain of illegitimacy. I am certain I do not need to elabourate upon the alternative; we can surely agree that a fatherless child is not what anyone wants.

In short, I propose a marriage of strictly legal nature, that I may have an heir and that both yourself and the child may be provided for. Nothing will be required of you beyond the bearing and care of the child and your residence at my estate. I should like to further discuss the matter in person; I may of course be reached at my residence, though it is advisable to give advance notice of your visit that I may be at home to meet with you.

Lord Tobias Galathil
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